“I think it is so powerful that you have collected those pieces that so   blatantly display how we have put human races on a hierarchy. The   visuals you shared alone are enough to make my stomach cringe.    Keep going public with your story- you are touching many, many         people!!!”
                                                 -Nicole K. Johnston

“I would like to thank Mr. Tony Carr for having the courage to display  publicly a piece of history that is constantly overlooked and                 sometimes hidden.”
                                                 -Rev. Melanie Spears

“I wish that more could see the memorabilia that he has.  I think that   it would open the eyes of many people.  I am in awe of Mr. Carr's       willingness to keep items in his home that could potentially be a    source of hurt and for his ability to use the experiences of his              parents and grandparents rise up and be a pivotal member of the   community.  Kudos to him for his determination to educate the           public…”
                                                  -J. Gosen

“Tony Carr presented during our Black History Month celebration.      His historical perspective about black history and memorabilia was   outstanding.”
                                                 -Ronald E. Thomas, President
                                                  Dakota County Technical College

"Thank you for presenting to my classes... the students gained new perspectives and enjoyed hearing you speak.  We all appreciate the time you spent with us!"
Teacher, Roseville High School

"Tony is a hero as far as I’m concerned and he should be thanked for his efforts and the lessons he has to offer.”
                   -Pat Thielen